Please click on the small images below to see pictures of some new projects.


Above are 2 recent projects for the Wiles Hill Sr. Center.  On the left and center is a donor recognition wall designed to look like an old chalkboard mounted on a brick wall, including chalk on the chalk rail.  The chalk isn't real.  Its art.  On the right is a bronze plaque with a metal photo commemorating the Kitchenaire Band.  Fun projects!


Here's my newest donor tree carving.  Its a contemporary design and I like it.  I was thrilled to be able to score a board from a local woodworker - 3" thick rough cut pine!  No glue seams!

Another recent project in the lines of survival art.  I installed a tiny stainless steel wood burning stove in our upstairs bedroom.  Cozy, even when the power is out.  There's a cook surface on top for coffee and oatmeal, and we've made a few marshmallows with the little door open to reveal hot coals.

Once in a while I see a photo that warms my heart.  This was one of those photos.  Jon has had his heart warmed also in the past year.  What a cute heart warmer she is!  Grandpa Jon!  Good golly, does it get any better than this?  Happy Birthday Grandpa Jon.

Illustration of the WVU Mountaineer

The Faces of Morgantown - my newest pen & ink montage!  Prints available!  Go to my Illustrations Page to see the key for this montage.  Included are some personal notes that might be of interest.


Here's an oldie that I recently transformed to keep from tossing it.  The subject: a plaster casting attached to canvas.  We were done looking at the dark nonrepresentational color.  We were done looking at the nondescript background, but I'll never tire of my bride's form.  It was a fun day when I recalled the misty pine scene I've painted before.  It was a quick repaint - with a little atmosphere added to allow her to fly between the trees, my Appalachian Queen.


My newest acrylic painting (left) - based on a pastel sketch (right) of Joe's Run.  Not a big one, but I like it!  I used a palette knife.

Open House/Studio Weekend - last weekend in April, 2012 - over 60 kind folks showed up to receive a free Faces of Morgantown print and/or other misc. prints, share some sweets, look at art, and hear my sales pitch.  Above is the wall of pastel sketches arranged for the weekend.

carved cardinal family for a donor tree installation


My first local donor tree installed at a local nursing home.  Autumn helped land the job and Ben helped install it!  - carved wooden tree trunk, lucite, and brass - Pictures above show 150 leaf capacity and 300 leaf capacity.


I think I camouflaged some rain barrels, but I can't find them to photograph.  They are invisible.  Maybe if I run around the yard long enough I'll run into them eventually.

I was blessed with an opportunity to draw an illustration for a book cover.  More info to come, when its been published!  I did an ink outline and then used pastels and finished up with some colored pencils.

Here's the book cover!  What's In The Blood - Poems by Cheryl Denise

Buy it from Cheryl or look for it on Amazon!

Wormy chestnut cabinet doors from where a dishwasher ended up... saved in the garage, just in case, for over 20 years, and now revamped as an old style tool box and drill bit caddy.  The chestnut kitchen made by Mark Warner in the early 1970s, from my boyhood home.  It'll be nice to handle and admire this wood for another good while.


Another little building project: Pastel Box!!  I salvaged a thin panel from the ole' home place, and added some craft pine to create a box, w/ removable tray, to hold all of my pastels.  The lid is also the drawing board.

Drawing of West Virginia University Hospitals for the WVUH Sleep Lab.  Limited addition half scale prints are available.

above, another vintage sign: AW JAZZ CAFE for Adam



above are 3 photos of the carved books -- low relief carving in poplar, hand painted -- 13.5 ft total length


Two Donor Hawks full of brass feathers hanging at the new University High School!


New painting of Teter Creek.  I did this one on the spot in a few hrs w/ a palette knife and acrylics.  The first photo shows the painting w/ indirect lighting.  The second shows the shadows of the textured paint.


Here's my second architectural carving.  Its poplar, hand painted and about 8' wide.  Most of the features are based on actual sites in Jerusalem.


WoodCastle at AppleBear Farm - family crest for G & Della

  This is a relief carving (poplar) of a temple.  Its in four pieces to be mounted as a panoramic above a donor recognition wall in the temple.  It was hand painted w/ acrylics.  Third pic is composite view promo image.


My View

On the Banks of Joe's Run

Morgantown, WV

56"x 20" Acrylics -- painted on Oct. 22 & 23, 2007 for the WV Public Service Commission public forum.

Towers added while giving my 2 cents.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a good view is priceless.

Fight The Power! (lines)


click on these pics of scrimshaw knives to enlarge

Hen & Rooster knife w/ the fly fishing theme

the Marbles Moose

balloon chase vehicle w/ Daisy Dog at the wheel and a ballooning scene on the flipside


Left knife -- I ground down the scales and attached before creating the buffalo hunt scene and feather decor.  Right knife -- box turtle image inspired by the pinning (turtle's eye).

Above is my first scrimshaw project.  Jon is the knife collector and here's one of his knives.  Top is the pencil sketch, and bottom is the actual knife.  Its not ivory, but some kind of synthetic substitute.

Design for the University High School Donor Hawk.  Donor 'feathers' are engraved brass (4" long).  The background hawks have been produced from solid red oak.  They'll be stained soon.

Capacity: 188 feathers each

Dorsey Knob Park -- Donor Recognition Wall and Plaques


The Friends of Dorsey Knob Park donor recognition wall consisting of hard wood background panels with etched satin brass name plaques and featuring a hand painted carving of Dorsey Knob.


Following are pictures of carved fish created for a donor recognition wall to be installed in Southern Florida.  Each piece will have a round brass plate attached with engraved names of donors.  The location of installation is a new dolphin rehabilitation center where dolphins rehabilitate people.  There are 37 angel fish, 13 starfish and 2 seahorses and I'm wearing square pants.


Below are the Birch Log Santa that I made for my Mother-In-Law this year for Christmas, an antique looking Apple Sign for Becky and four pieces of painted driftwood.  The driftwood doesn't yet have a home and could be purchased separately.


Below are photos of the water tank mural of Laurelville Mennonite Church Center.  My family and I started the mural in July and finished up in November of 2004.         




Above is a 30" clay sculpture, plaster mold, resin model and bronze casting of a tree trunk with kids and books, featured on a donor recognition wall.

This is a colored pencil drawing for a long time friend and client of mine.  She sent a letter that I can't resist but share here.  Its not the art as much as the thought it inspires, that really matters in the end.

I just wanted to let you know, how touched I am with your portrait of my little angels. They look so beautiful.  This will be one of most cherished and prized possessions and will hang on my wall for eternity.

Both of my 2 smallest grand babies were little miracles, in that they were both born early. Mason weighed only 2 pounds 15 ounces and Amelia only weighed 3 pounds 10 ounces.  She was moved from a big hospital in York, Pa a day before 9-11-01 and it was scary.
Thank you again.


This was a fun job!  The West Virginia State Seal has been modified to represent Mountaineer Cycles.  Concept by Mark Bloniarz.  (18" colored pencil.)  Everyone who's seen it wants either a T-shirt or a bumper sticker to promote their passion for this wonderful state...not to mention a very cool business.

THE FISH PUPPET...back by popular demand.


A fun project designed as a memorial to a bad-ass tilapia, and with family coffee-house in mind.  The fish would actually try to bite through the glass to get to my jugular vein.  The puppet can deliver lame fish jokes with style and grace that I can only dream of.  I made it out of pine.

Tree #79 -- The Big Curley Tree


Donor recognition tree including leaves (brass name plates) with a total arrangement size of 62"x80"

I used to play frisbee football in this old stadium as an art student at WVU.  I lived a couple blocks away back then and recently was thrilled to have an opportunity to research it for this seal.  It will be 30" diameter cast bronze and imbedded in the walkway on campus.  I didn't realize there used to be a wooden field house in the loop (which was the original Mt. Lair).  I'll include photos of the actual bronze seal when its installed.


When I made my rounds to take photos for my recent montage - The Faces of Morgantown - I was happy to find my bronze medallion installed in its permanent location.

Click link below to see inspirational balloon flight pictures from the 2004 Mountaineer Balloon Festival

Kreider Design Studios - Balloons