"The Faces of Morgantown" is my newest pen and ink drawing.  A friend joined me in a nice trek around town trying to find faces to include.  The collection is based on real people (Don Knotts, Jerry West), faces of the imaginary (Stewart Hall gargoyles), and a few other faces that were found in Morgantown.  The faces had to be permanent fixtures of our town to fit the criteria.


I thought folks would enjoy the challenge of trying to find each of these faces as they walk and drive around town.  I know I've been enjoying the artistic features of Morgantown ever since I moved here in the 80s.  There is a lot to see and a lot to overlook, due to countless distractions.  It could take years!  Here's a key for those of you with less patience, time, or sense of adventure.

1. South High Street Cemetery - dark faced angle held me in my dreams - She was once drawn by my former drawing professor, Ben Freidman, and awarded as a print to me for placing 3rd in the annual Halloween mask making contest. 

2. Woodburn clock face

3. WVU Mountaineer - bronze statue in front of the Mountainlair

4. Don Knotts - taken from the Star of Fame in the sidewalk of High Street - I enjoyed creating the camera ready art based on Jamie Lester's illustration to produce the bronze star.

5. Stewart Hall gargoyles - When I moved here Stewart hall was surrounded by trees.  I never did have a class in this incredible building and didn't walk close enough to notice all the gargoyles until years later.  Incredible!

6. 9-11 First Responder Tribute Mural on the Caperton Trail - designed and painted by a great Morgantown artist, and last I heard, another great Morgantown artist was a contributor.

7. WVU Mountaineer - as depicted on the bronze medallion commemorating the old WVU Stadium.  This is the only face of Morgantown that I created.  I got to design the seal and draw the camera ready art for production for the seal to be placed at the exact spot where years before I played frisbee football by the light of the moon.

8. Faces from the history of medicine - Medical Pylons at the WVU Health Science Center

9. Morgantown Court House clock face

10. Jerry West - bronze statue in front of the WVU Coliseum a sculpture by another great Morgantown artist

11. Colonel Zackquill Morgan - Founder of Morgantown, sculpted as part of the historical bronze markers hanging on historic buildings throughout town.

12. Violin Player - part of a downtown mural of a downtown scene alongside a parking lot near the top of High St.

13. Morgantown High School Mohigan

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