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2 pics of my 120 gallon mixed Tanganyika Cichlid tank.


nothing like a couple alien pictures to arouse an appetite!


Shell Dwelling Cichlids - Shellies!  There is more fish in these little 1" fish than you'll see in most big cichlids.


Shelldweller Comics


Aquaponics - above: lava rock grow bed w/ tomato plants - 200 gallon tilapia tub growing fish for the table!  (well....maybe catfish will work better...someday...)

most recent scape of the 120 gallon tang tank


rock textured styro insulation used as background for the tank rack




above: 120 gallon community tang & oddball tank

below: shell dwelling cichlids (multies, gold occies, pearl occies)


Lamprologus Meleagrise (Pearl Occies) spawning



above: fry in the shell


above: free swimming fry in the shell.


above: free swimming fry being guarded by dad (left) and mom (center & right)

in right photo there is a bigger fry in the bottom left


Julidochromas Marlieri breeding in a 10 gallon w/ some dither cherry barbs.  I'm convinced occasional eggs from the cherries help trigger the julis to spawn.  One cherry egg even made it!  I started out w/ 5 and now have 6.  They've been doing great for a couple years.  The julis are the real jewels, though!



5 young frontosa - 3 Hap. Moori

Three photos and a really scary story:


Photo 1 -- see the happy family of julidochromas regani

Photo 2 -- cute little baby juli (center of photo) in the shadow of...

Photo 3 -- PEACOCK CICHLID FROM HELL eating Poppa Juli head first -- AUGHHHH!!

Here's the twist: the first photo in the story is really the last photo in the story.  Whew!  I rescued Mr. Juli w/ my bare hands and moved him and his mate to a safe 10 gallon where they spawned several times.  Yippee!  The first soul surviving juli offspring (photo 2) from the peacock cichlid tank grew up there and has since been moved into my frontosa tank w/ many of his siblings from later broods.


Hap. Moori (or whatever they're now called) in a piece of Mark Cline's pottery.  Emily the ball python who has been around for over 19 yrs.  A frog from the little fish pond out back.  His ear was an inspiration for the rivets used in blue jeans.  Autumn and a the biggest frog I ever caught w/ my bare hands.

Below is the best photo I've ever taken...knee deep in the cold waters of Teter Creek in early spring.  These two were too cold to move and allowed me to get w/in feet.  I couldn't resist doing a pen&ink from this.


See, even we artists can get into some risky situations from time to time.

Ben, a digital camera and the dog.  Results: