All Prices shown below are fair prices, but they are not the only acceptable prices!  Please make offers!  I'll accept anything reasonable.

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"Trees, Mist, and the Appalachian Queen" ...sorry for the glare

acrylic & plaster casting, on canvas - 24"x42"


"Three Trees"

acrylic on canvas - 25"x31"


 "Preston County Sunrise"

acrylic on canvas - 72"x18"


"Decker's Creek"

acrylic on canvas - 53"x17"


"Decker's Creek"

acrylic on wood - 58"x14"



"Elk River"

acrylic on canvas - 34"x58"

"Watching Over"   ...he leads me beside still waters...

acrylic on canvas - 44"x48"


"Dolly Sods"

acrylic on canvas - 37"x13"


"Preston County Sunset"

acrylic on canvas - 38"x12"


"God and Farmers"

acrylic on driftwood, horse shoe, scythe - 50"x15"



"The Botanic Garden Reservoir Basin"

acrylic on canvas - 56"x29"

"Rear View"

acrylic on canvas - 44"x48"



"Teter Creek"

acrylic on canvas - 10.5"x28"


"My View from the Banks of Joe's Run"

acrylic on canvas - 56"x 20"



"Daisy View"

acrylic on driftwood (4 pieces - can be hung together or separate) from 16" to 28" tall


"Tobacco Worm and Label"

acrylic on driftwood - 12.5" tall



acrylic on routed board - 3.5"x7.5"



acrylic on routed board - 7"x11"



acrylic on routed board - 11.5"x13"


"Around the Bend"

colored pencil illustration (in cheap frame) - 9.5"x11.5" - published in Timber Frame Homes Magazine



pastel sketch (in cheap frame) 9.5"x11.5"


"Appalachian Family"

Pen & Ink - professionally framed - 16"x13"


"Honduran Woman"

Ink washes - professionally framed - 15"x18"


The Faces of Morgantown - my newest pen & ink montage!  Prints available!  Free with any purchase!

- will fit in an 11"x14" frame -

$20 or less, depending on how much flattery you can muster.

None of the paintings need to be framed.  I paint around the edges to give a finished look.  They are ready to hang.

I'm in the process of slimming down my art piles.  I have too much art - too little wall space.  And maybe someday we'll have even less wall space, should we downsize, so NOW IS THE BEST TIME FOR YOU TO BUY ART!  Consider how nice this art would look on the wall of your home or office.  Give me a call, or send an email.  Shipping costs will vary, but please know I can crate anything and have it shipped to your door.  I would enjoy a visit if you'd prefer to pick it up in person.  Art is cool!